Price of Your Choice

Why we need your credit card pre-authorization?

When we make a match for you, we want to show you the sincerity of your hotel reservations; if we do not have your pre-authorization, the hotel will not consider our price negotiation.

Can I select the district while using The Price of Your Choice?

Of course you can, like standard booking, you can choose your destination, until the city / district, consumers have 100% autonomy.

When I submitted my offer, is it possible for me to cancel or change it within the 6 hours before I get the result?

Unfortunately not. Before you submitted your offer, the cancelation policy had been prompted. When we make the inquire with our hotel partners, we will show them that our consumer are very sincere and the credit card pre-authorization has been made, our hotel partner have 6 hours to consider our offer. Before this time expires, you cannot cancel and/or change your offer.

After Hotel accepts my offer, may I make any change or request the refund due to my personal reason?

Unfortunately not. Before you submit your offer, we will remind you of our cancelation policy. You may have received a non-refundable special offer or discount price. Therefore, your offer cannot be changed or canceled.

What if you have my credit card pre-authorization and I cannot get the room, I'll get the full refund?

If we cannot find the room for you within 6 hours, we will return 100% (full refund) included any fees.

What areas does HitoFun apply their service to?

At this moment, Taiwan, including Kinmen, Penghu and other regions. We are striving to promote HitoFun to Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, mainland China and other regions, and even to extend HitoFun to the rest of the world.

Why can I get the room at a cheaper price than other platforms?

Because we are challenging the hotel room occupancy rate, if the hotel occupancy rate is lower than normal, hotels are more likely to consider and accept any offers at reasonable prices.

Can I make a price offer to a particular hotel?

Not likely. In order to protect every hotel, we cannot specifically ask any single hotel for the price inquiry. The more hotels in the selection, the consumers will have a probability of having more successful opportunities for the inquiry.

How do I cancel my pre-authorization?

預授權唯一取消的原因是因為本平台無法在6小時內無法幫該消費者媒合到任何住房業者,此預授權不會轉為正式付款,所以銷費者可以取回 100% 的費用。We cannot cancel the pre-authorization. Any pre-authorizations will automatically expire after 6 hours, if we cannot find a room for our guest.

Can I accept any of the accommodations?

Yes, when consumers select an area and price range, we will meet all of the consumer needs of the hotel name to inform consumers, and consumers can then use the price screening method of other discomfort to the hotel to screen out, the final consumption is to check the name of the hotel you want to accept and understand, we will help consumers a price mediation.

Last minute

How is your last minute different from others platform?

Other platforms are mostly one-time price cuts, while our platform uses a ladder-style step down the sales model. In other words, the later, the cheaper, because of this calculation, so our price should be more attractive to consumers than other platforms.

As you said, the longer I wait and price will be cheaper. Does this mean that I should to wait until later to buy?

If you do not need a room urgently, you should wait until later to buy. However, we cannot guarantee that there are vacant rooms.

Are there many rooms in the market available for sale?

It will depend entirely on average occupancy rate. If the hotels are completely sold out, there will not be any room on our platform to sell.

What is the lowest price?

We hope for the hotels to decrease their prices by 50% of their daily selling price to clear their leftover inventory. However, we have no way to ensure that the hotels lowest price.

Why are the hotels willing to sell at such low prices?

Because in our platform, we added the time value calculation model, and our time value of the calculation method to meet the hotels reluctant selling mentality.

What is the objective of your platform?

We want to help the hotels sell the leftover inventories room, improve occupancy rates, while also helping consumers find more attractive prices for the last minute leftover inventories.

Price comparison

What are the prices shown in HitoFun?

HitoFun includes all applicable fees (taxes and fees that cannot be canceled) as much as possible in the displayed price. We have been working to achieve full transparency on the price. The only uncertainty is the additional cost that the ticket provider hides or may be floating at any time. To this end, we have compiled a list of additional fees that may be added by our suppliers. On our website, travelers may check this list of charges for each suppliers.

Will HitoFun increase in the original price?

The answer is: absolutely not! HitoFun will not track your IP address or user cookie to increase any prices. We are committed to providing real-time search parity, the search for the cheapest real-time online price. Our aim is to find the cheapest price, not to earn the price difference, so we will never make any price increases.

How do I redeem the hotel's lowest price guarantee?

HitoFun's low price guarantee is a commitment to travelers around the world. We ensure that any hotel room in the world that you search for on HitoFun offers the lowest real-time online prices. Specific processes are as follows:

  • Book a room at HitoFun
  • Within 24 hours, if the same room has a cheaper price on other sites on the same
  • The lowest price guarantee for HitoFun
  • Upon confirmed, we will immediately refund the price difference

How often does HitoFun update the currency exchange rate

We update the exchange rates daily. Please note that the HitoFun site and the vendor sites you are being redirected to will have a price difference due to the exchange rate.

What if I find inaccurate information on the HitoFun site?

We aim to provide travelers with the cheapest price and the most accurate information. If you find any inaccurate information during the process, please let us know so that we can check and correct the error.


Does HitoFun directly sell plane tickets/h3>

No, we do not sell tickets, and you cannot complete booking directly from our website. We will redirect you to your chosen supplier's website for airfare, hotel reservations, or car rental.

What should I do if I have a problem with my reservation?

If you have a problem with your booking or need to change your booking, you must directly contact the vendor you have been booking from the HitoFun website. If you do not remember the company name of this supplier, we recommend that you check the booking confirmation E-mail or your bank transaction information, where you can see which supplier you have subscribed to. We do not see your bookings and information after the jump, so we cannot help you make any changes or provide your booking information.
For all information regarding car rental, please contact the supplier by phone or E-mail in the confirmation message.

Are the suppliers on your site credible?

Yes! This is certain. We have tested all of the vendors on our website to make sure that their services met our requirements.

What do I need to do before booking my flight?

Before clicking "Buy" on the supplier's website, you will need to verify that the information you provided is correct, including:

  • Date of departure
  • Departure and arrival airport
  • Number of passengers
  • Passenger name(s)
  • E-mail Address


Is it possible to check group ticket at HitoFun?

You can search up to 9 adults and 7 children on the HitoFun website at once.

Can HitoFun search for multiple destination flights?

Yes, you can. On the Home page of your ticket, select Multiple Destinations (under the Departure City menu) in the drop-down menu for Travel.

How do I find train information from HitoFun?

HitoFun integrates High-Speed Trains in flight search results. When you search for air tickets, we also provide you with train information for this route, which will allow you to compare and choose how to travel more efficiently.

How can I give HitoFun the most effective feedback?

Your feedback is very important to us, it will help us to constantly improve our services. When you send us your feedback, please provide us with the most complete information possible, including your travel itinerary, your destination, and the name or URL of the vendor you would like to jump to after completing your search. This information can help us to find and solve problems in the shortest possible time.


Where can I edit my personal information?

You can edit your personal information on the settings page of your account.

Why does my photo appear on your website / App?

If you have chosen to sign in to HitoFun with Facebook, Google+, Weibo or any other social network account, your account photo may also be included in your HitoFun profile.

Is it possible to save multi-destination search information when logged in?

Unfortunately, history saving for multi-destination searches is not currently supported. We can only save one-way and round-trip ticket history search records. We are working to improve this feature.

If I delete my account, will you continue to save my information in the system?

No. If you choose to delete your account, all of the information in your account will be completely removed from our database.

Do I need to re-login every time when I open a Web page or App?

You will remain logged in as long as you do not sign out of your account settings.

How to unsubscribe newsletter?

Go to the Account Settings page and click “Unsubscribe”.

Do I have to fill out my personal information in order to use your service?

We respect your privacy and all users' private information is encrypted when they are stored in the background. We do not store your credit card information, but in some cases, we need to send you the correct information to our co-related manufacturers.

Do I have to fill out my personal preference to use your service?

Of course not. We respect your privacy and all options are optional and you can choose what information you would like to enter.

If set a departure airport in my preferences, what will happen next time I search on a website or App?

If you have already set up a preferred airport, when you log in again, the starting point in the search box will default to your preferred airport. However, you can change the departure airport at any time.

I set up a departure airport in my preferences, but what do I do now to choose a new departure?

The starting point in the search box will always be the default for your preferred airport, but you can change it to any other departure airport.

Business Partners FQA

Who is HitoFun?

We are an information platform company registered in Taiwan in 2014. We provide a buyer market mechanism and help the industry solve the problem of inventory in the same day. In 2015, we are awarded the Taipei Municipal Government's Innovation Service Award and two patents in the sale of reservations.

Can HitoFun trustworthy?

Absolutely! Even if consumers will have to stay a few weeks, as long as the business receipts, the industry can send invoices, receipt of the invoice when HitoFun 5 days after the non-accounting will be, that is, consumers ot yet admitted, the industry has to get the money.

What is The Price of Your Choice

We are using the buyer's market mechanism, consumers can call in accordance with their budget they want to pay the price, in order to show the consumer's sincerity, all prices have been made consumer credit card pre-authorization. In other words, if the hotel accepted HitoFun inquiry, will be a guaranteed payment transaction.

When I accept the HitoFun's offer and how soon we can recieve the payment?

To hotels in Taiwan, as long as the hotel accepts our price inquiry, proximally in 5 days / 120 working hours, will receiving the payment, that is, the consumer may not has been admitted yet, we will pay back the original amount.

If we have not yet signed contract with HItoFun, why should we receive a HitoFun a room inquiry?

In order to provide consumers with the best price experience, HitoFun will submit the inquiry to the local hotels regardless if a contract has been signed.

If we have not signed the contract with HitoFun yet, will HitoFun sell any my rooms?

Absolutely not; HitoFun will not make any sales without the consent of the hotel or without any contract agreement.

What should I do when I receive a room inquiry form HitoFun?

If you receive a room inquiry from HitoFun, you can accept the offer within 6 hours, if the offer has not yet been accepted by other company.

Currently we do not have any signed contract with HitoFun, I still able accept any room inquiry from HitoFun?

Unfortunately, HitoFun is obliged to sign a contract with Hotel to ensure the interests and rights of HitoFun, hotels, and consumers in order to ensure the right of accommodation for consumers.

Can we sign a one-time contract with HItoFun?

Yes, you may. The purpose of HitoFun contract agreement is to ensure that the interests of HitoFun, hotels and consumers all three parties are protected, so the Hotels can do single-time single-booking contract.

What other services HitoFun able to provide, if we decide to working with HitoFun?

HitoFun's has patent pending on the both 一口價and the last minute left-over inventory; when hotels and HitoFun sign a long-term agreement, HitoFun will help hotels to sell last minute bookings and general reservations.

What's the differences between HitoFun one-time contracts and long-term contract?

HitoFun's one-time contract is the contract pre every single request, and is not extent to other request. HitoFun long-term contracts provides more services, such as last-minute bookings and standard bookings, and one-time contracts and The ratio of commission for long-term contracts is also different.