• Company information
    Company founded on September 28th 2014 in Taipei Taiwan, R.O.C
  • Special Business model
    Buyer Market
    Time Value, Last day Price step down method
  • Company intellectual property
    Taiwan Mainland China
    Stepdown Pricing Patent Patent Granted Patent Pending
    Buyer Market Price Negotiation Patent Pending Patent Pending
  • Our Service
    Hotel and B&B Booking with time value last minute
    Buyer Market car rental
  • Core Member
    Hsin Haung
    Founder Hsin Haung have almost 10 years experience in the global Hotel chain such as Holton world wide and Regent position held as reginal cluster I.T manager and I.T director and other 10 years in I.T Development and operation.
    Brian Liu
    Co-Founder Brian Liu have amount 20 years experience in Finance and business development in China Development Industrial Bank
  • Major accomplishment
    Approximately 4000 business able to do the price negotiation letter in Taiwan area
    650 Hotels contract signed within 8 months with minimum sale force
  • Company vision
    2019 Q2 Hong Kong Expansion
    2019 Q4 Singapore Expansion
    2020 Q2 Japan Expansion
    2020 Q4 Korea Expansion
  • Our Demand
    Pre-A stage We are seeking 1 million USD in term of 25% of company share for your investment
interest to know more please contact investment@hitofun.com